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Swiss Art Research Infrastructure (SARI)

SARI TPF Semantic Technology Services

Using SARI TPF’s Semantic Technology Services, your project benefits from specialized and adaptable tools and technological frameworks. Our services focus on building pipelines for hosting, migrating, integrating, visualizing, and annotating a wide range of resources, i.e., assets such as images, audio files, videos, and texts as well as archival and research data. Depending on your project specification, SARI TPF offers an out-of-the-box re-search environment package as well highly customizable research environments, work-flows, and visualizations. As part of research environment creation, SARI TPF can set up and manage customized virtual machine (VM) servers for processing research data.

SARI TPF offers the following services: 
1.    Hosting and operating standardized research environments
2.    Setup and operation of servers and virtual machines for data processes
3.    Operation and customization of asset management systems
4.    Operation and customization of archiving solutions 
5.    Operation and customization of visual search engines
6.    Creation and application of project-specific models
7.    Operation and customization of editorial suites for vocabularies and thesauri 
8.    Operation of quantitative and qualitative data visualization toolboxes
9.    Operation and customization of image annotation tools
10.    Creation and application of semantic input forms