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Swiss Art Research Infrastructure (SARI)

SARI TPF Project Development Services

With SARI TPF’s Project Development Services, we can advise on project budgets, data management plans, data licensing, image processing, ontol-ogies, and multilingual thesauri. In this category, SARI TPF plans the processes required for connecting project data (visual artefacts and their metadata) in response to your needs, and hereby transitions domain-specific, collaborative research practices into the digital environment.

SARI TPF offers consultancy services related to the following categories:
1.    General project planning development in the DH 
2.    Platform architecture
3.    Data architecture and management
4.    Image collections
5.    Customized ontologies
6.    Legal permissions (open access, copyright)
7.    Multilingual setups
8.    Machine learning and artificial intelligence regarding visual data