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Swiss Art Research Infrastructure (SARI)

SARI TPF Data Services

Do you require your data in a machine-readable and (re)usable format? SARI TPF offers Data Services and supports you during the entire data preparation and transformation process as well as regarding individual milestones. Its adaptable technical environments and epistemological processes allow harmonized access to information, editing, and authoring functions for digital scholarly publishing and referencing via stable identifiers. Of relevance are especially creating access to the Reference Data System (RDS), which provides a single interface for linking to a variety of reference data source, a platform for creating new reference and research data, and a mechanism for publishing data to a central infrastructure. Moreover, the AAT portal is an environment with which terms can be translated and the translation workflow can be controlled.

SARI TPF offers the following services:
1.    Data curation, especially manual and automated data cleaning and data validation 
2.    ETL processes (transforming data into linked-data triples)
3.    Database and asset collection migration
4.    Enrichment of and alignment with of client data with existing repositories, partic-ularly via Reference Data System 
5.    Environment for multilingual enrichment of client data entities via the portal by the Swiss translation project of the Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus (Swiss-AAT) 
6.    Data publication according to FAIR data principles
7.    Machine learning and artificial intelligence services for data preparation and trans-formation