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Swiss Art Research Infrastructure (SARI)

Martine Besse, BA, GIS Specialist

Martine Besse is Computer Specialist at Swiss Art Research Infrastructure (SARI), University of Zurich, and Scientific Collaborator in the Institute of Territorial Engineering (INSIT), University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, School of Business and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD) in Yverdon-les-Bains.

She is currently working on the collaboration between SARI and INSIT, for the initiatives “Bilder der Schweiz Online (BSO)” and “Smapshot”. She recently graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HEIG-VD) with a Bachelor’s degree in Geomatics (2021). She previously worked in land surveying companies as a surveyor apprentice and an employee (2015-2018). Her current interest is in applied research on the development of geolocation applications and services.