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Swiss Art Research Infrastructure (SARI)

What do we want from Digital Art History?

Zurich, 22 August, 2017

The University of Zurich, MPG Bibliotheca Hertziana (Rome) and the ETH Zurich have organised the workshop "What do we want from digital art history?" in Zurich on August 22nd 2017. The purpose of this workshop was to share ideas and visions of a future art history that fundamentally benefits from today's ground-breaking digital means and their scholarly potential. The participants presented their visions of a future arte history in the digital era and joined us in an open discussion on the challenges and prospectives that art history faces in view of the upcoming and numerous digital initiatives in this field.



Prof. Dr. Tristan Weddigen
Thomas Hänsli, dipl. Arch. ETH


Michael Egli lic. phil., SIK-ISEA Zurich
PD Dr. Roger Fayet, SIK-ISEA Zurich
Manuel Gerber, Gerber Stauffer Art Brokers
Katrin Glinka MA, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
Leonardo Impett MA, EPF Lausanne
Lukas Klic MA, Harvard University / Villa I Tatti
Dr. Florian Kräutli, MPIWG Berlin
Dr. Matthias Oberli, SIK-ISEA Zurich
Dr. Georg Schelbert, HU Berlin
Dr. Maximilian Schich, UT Dallas